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Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is one of the gateways to meditation. Slowing brain activity inducing a deep state of relaxation & allowing self-healing in the physical & emotional body.

It helps to relieve physical pain caused by illness or injury and emotional pain caused by stress & trauma.
Other powerful benefits such as improving creativity, improving sleep & state of calmness are also on the vast list of what our guests have described about their experiences.
Book a place & understand for yourself. You will benefit from the most powerful ancient healing practices in one form or another, the sounds of a Subatomic & handheld gongs, Tibetan & crystal healing bowls, Pyramids chimes etc.. In a warm & wonderfully relaxing setting.

What to expect? Mats & blankets are provided, bolsters too for comfort, if you prefer to add your own extras this is fine, but we ask that you leave what you don't need outside the room allowing more space within.

Each session may vary, starting or ending with Breathwork/meditation, sometimes just sound therapy.

We ask you keep your mind open & receive each session we give with our good intentions; our aim is to provide the tools for your own self-healing.

Our Services

Spring Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat was a success

We had an amazing day in our yoga and sound healing retreat with the group of wonderful people.

In the morning we practiced Hatha Yoga, advanced Pranayama (breathwork) chanting, and mediation with crystal bowl sound healing.
We lunched outside with homemade Turkish food on the green grass, while we bathed in the sun.

After lunch we walked to the old oak tree with bare feet whilst meditating. We were fortunate enough to see 2 beautiful deers. Once we arrived we sat quietly under the oak tree and enjoyed the nature.

Afternoon session started with chanting, Yin yoga and finished the session with the gong bath.

We said our goodbyes with Turkish deserts and drinks.

It was a remarkable day and each of you made it so special.

Love, peace, light and blessings. ♥️💜💙

Sound Therapy Gallery

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